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【HOT SALE】Silica gel Supporting pad❤

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✅Place your tools into the holder holes to prevent them from leaking on your countertop.
This pad is heat resistant, don't worry anymore to put hot tool!
✅It can hold up to 4 tools plus and can be used for many purposes, for example:it can place a stir fry shovel / eggbeater / pot cover / place a knife/ fork / chopsticks / spoon;also be used as an insulation pad when you using a curling stick or straight hair clip;
When you put on makeup, you can put on a makeup brush/makeup sponge.
In the bathroom, you can use it as a soap pad.
Product parameters:
Material:Good quality food Grade Silicone
Package includes:
2X Silica gel Supporting pad
3X Silica gel Supporting pad(Give a nano double-sided adhesive X1 FOR FREE)
3X Silica gel Supporting pad(Give a Plug Sticker HolderX1 FOR FREE)